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Dual Bed Standard Deionizer

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  • The unit is made up of dual tanks using two difference premium resin products. The first tank in the series contains ¼ cubic feet of cation resin, and the second tank contains ¼ cubic feet of anion resin. When running these tanks in series you produce approximately 2 ½ times more water, and will reduce your operating cost by 50% compared to the single tank mixed bed deionizer. The dual tank will save you money and give you a great return on your investment. The dual tank model comes with all the necessary fittings including a polypropylene cam lever for easy hook-up, and only needs a 10" by 20" compact area. The unit weighs a mere 36 pounds and comes complete with the deionizers, 4' high pressure hose, a hand-held TDS meter, and a cap/plug for the inlet/outlet.

Approximate # of rinses before refilling, assuming TDS of 250 PPM, 2 GPM, using 5 gallons per car and 30 gallons per RV.
Car - 101
RV Class A - 17


Technical Information)

Part Number: OTG2-DDI
Size: 22" h X 6.75" dia. each
Weight: 36 LBS total and 18 LBS each
Tank: 0.25 CU FT each
Flow  Rate: Less than 2 gallons/minute for best performance & effectiveness
Virgin Non-regenerated Resin