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Mixed Bed Double Standard Deionizer with Bypass

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This deionizer measures 9" in diameter by 22" in height. The unit contains 1/2 cubic feet of high grade virgin mixed bed resin, and is easy to hook up or remove depending on your application. The unit comes complete with the deionizer, bypass kit, 4' high pressure hose, and a hand-held TDS meter.

The bypass makes it so you can easily go between deionizered and non deionizered water with the switch of two knobs. You can bypass the deionizer when spot free water is not needed to extend the life of the resin. 

Approximate # of rinses before refilling, assuming TDS of 250 PPM, 2 GPM, using 5 gallons per car and 30 gallons per RV.
Car - 90
RV Class A - 15

While still being compact like the Mixed Bed Standard, this unit is the same height and twice the capacity. It's filled with 1/2 cubic foot of mixed bed resin and works great in the garage, on the road, or anywhere you need deionized (DI) or spot free water.

Size: 22" H X 9.5" D
Weight: 32 LBS
Tank: 0.50 CU FT
Flow Rate: Less than 3 gallons/minute for best performance & effectiveness
Virgin Non-regenerated Resin

TDS (PPM) Capacity in Gallons
100 1,120
200 560
250 450
300 375
400 280