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Mixed Bed Double Standard Deionizer with Bypass

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Mixed Bed Double Standard Deionizer With Bypass

Product Description: 

This deionizer measures 9" in diameter by 22" in height. The unit contains 1/2 cubic feet of high-grade virgin mixed bed resin and is easy to hook up or remove depending on your application. The unit comes complete with the deionizer, bypass kit, 4' high-pressure hose, and a hand-held TDS meter.

The bypass makes it so you can easily go between deionized and non-deionized water with the switch of two knobs. You can bypass the deionizer when spot-free water is not needed to extend the life of the resin. 


  • Approximate # of rinses before refilling, assuming TDS of 250 PPM, 2 GPM, using 5 gallons per car and 30 gallons per RV.
  • Car - 90
  • RV Class A - 15

While still being compact like the Mixed Bed Standard, this unit is the same height and twice the capacity. It's filled with 1/2 cubic foot of mixed bed resin and works great in the garage, on the road, or anywhere you need deionized (DI) or spot-free water. Shop all our car detailing supplies now!


  • Size: 22" H X 9.5" D
  • Weight: 32 LBS
  • Tank: 0.50 CU FT
  • Flow Rate: Less than 3 gallons/minute for best performance & effectiveness
  • Virgin Non-regenerated Resin

1 Review

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    Best Water Deionizer

    Posted by Steven on 23rd Mar 2023

    I have a detail shop in the south and last year I struggled with water spots. This year I was going to get a deionizer. I purchased from Aqualux and could not be happier.....I used the included TDS water water metered at 121......after turning the easy-to-use bypass, my water tested at.....0....To tank came in two days after ordering from Landon. Thank you for a great product.