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Aftercare Hyper Gloss Paint Sealant

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  • Aqualux Detail Supply Aftercare Hyper-Gloss Spray Sealant


Aftercare is a Great Compliment to AQUABEAD HYPERGLOSS COATING that helps Maintain, Protect, Preserve the coating while at the same time delivering extreme shine, gloss and slickness

Aftercare can fill minor flaws that could be found on the paint and will make all colors look richer plus provide incredible luster and shine for all colors.

AFTERCARE can be used on un-coated and coated vehicles (Please Refer To Instructions Below)



1) 8oz bottle with trigger sprayer

2) RTU Spray on protection that last up to 4 months 

3) Extreme Hydrophobic spray sealant with HYPERGLOSS and slickness

4) Use on paint , glass, plastic and wheels



1) Prep surface properly (Wash, Clay and Polish If Needed or Desired for un-coated vehicles)

2) Shake well before use

3) Work on cool panel and out of direct sunlight

4) Spray directly into microfiber towel and massage onto paint and buff off with a secondary microfiber towel…personally I like to use a Slurpy Jr, but that’s just my preference

5) As a drying aid you can spray directly onto the paint & dry it off with the SLURPY or SLUPRY JR- working 1 panel at a time


2 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Tad on 21st May 2022

    Just used this today as a stand alone on an uncoated vehicle. The amount a gloss and slickness this product provided is phenomenal! Super easy to apply and it actually smelled good. Great product Landon!

  • 5
    Great sealant!

    Posted by Terry Sheets on 17th Mar 2022

    Very easy to use. I love the atomization of the sprayer. Super slick performance.

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