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Aqualux Detail Supply is your one-stop shop for the perfect paint protection solution. Our paint sealant is the ideal solution to make all colors look richer, provide incredible luster, and give your car an unbeatable shine. Applying the sealant is easy and fast, and the results are of the highest quality. Trust Aqualux Detail Supply to give your vehicle the ultimate paint protection.

What is Paint Sealant?

Paint sealant is a product that is applied to the paintwork of a car to form an extra protective layer. Made from polymers, resins, and waxes, this product helps protect the car’s paintwork from dirt and environmental contaminants. Paint correction and ceramic coating are the best car detailing products to make a car easier to clean and maintain. Both products preserve the coat and deliver extreme shine, gloss, and slickness. 

Vehicle Care Made Easy

Caring for your vehicle has never been easier when you use our paint sealant. This product can help reduce the amount of time you spend scrubbing and cleaning your car by preventing dirt and other residues from sticking to the paint of your car. Using our paint sealant will reduce the need for other car detail supplies like wax and polish. 

Our Paint Sealant Products

Aqualux Detail Supply has the best car detailing products on the market. We offer Aftercare Hyper Gloss Paint Sealant to maintain, protect, and preserve a car's coating. In addition to our paint sealant product, we offer a variety of ceramic coating kits, a perfect combination for any type of vehicle care. 

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  • Aqualux Detail Supply Aftercare Hyper-Gloss Sealant

    Aftercare Hyper Gloss Paint Sealant

    Aftercare Hyper Gloss Paint Sealant  Product Description:  Aqualux Detail Supply Aftercare Hyper-Gloss Spray Sealant Aftercare is a great compliment to Aquabead Hyper Gloss Coating to help maintain, protect, and preserve the coating while at...

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